It was established by Dr. R. Lynn Kirlin, University of Wyoming, that the Sierra sounds recorded by Al Berry of reported bigfoot showed no sign of being altered. The year long study also showed that there were no signs of re-recording or pre-recording of the tapes. The voice range of these creatures go beyond the range of an average adult human male. This would suggest that these creatures could mimic many different sounds.

It was later discovered by Dr. Kirlin that the whistles from these creatures were made through the vocal cavity. The following whistle (72a)

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and vocal exchange (72c)

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was recorded in 1972 by Al Berry. The complete story containing the events of one special evening of recordings and Al Berry’s efforts to establish the credibility of these recordings is contained in the CD. Also skillfully and masterfully integrated within the CD are many high quality bigfoot sounds.

The following sounds were taken from the archives of Ron Morehead.

Often, usually at dusk, these creatures would approach the Sierra camp and would announce themselves with a beating or rapping sound (74a):

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Rock against rock, limb against rock or sometimes just a defined breaking of a large limb or even a loud blowing sound. It is recommended that the reader read about the Sierra camp and it’s remote location to fully appreciate these exchanges.

An extraordinary vocal exchange between a Bigfoot and Ron Morehead happened two years after the Alan Berry recordings that were used in the production of the CD. A definite rapport had been established and for the first time these creatures vocally responded to the men while they were outside the shelter. Only two men made the long trip to the camp, Ron Morehead and Bill McDowell. The Sierra camp is not in an area that you can drive to. It is an eight mile hike into a very difficult country.

The evening began at dusk with these creatures’ rhythmic rapping and then “whooping” toward the men. Ron Morehead decided to respond with his own “whoop” and thus began a vocal exchange that lasted over an hour. (74b)

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  • Debi hartwell

    Reply Reply January 15, 2014

    Husband and I hiked the mt St. Helens area some years ago after the mountain exploded. Very Erie and dead looking area all grey like a holocust explosion. Very quiet no bird sounds then we heard a very loud and multiple knocks on trees what was left of them a very foul order came through the area and my husband and I knew we were in the presence of a large animal and we both stood very still and kept listening for any voice or howls but we heard rustling in the forest and a lot of branches being torn down we had weapons on us but did not want to use them on these wonderful animals . I am going back since my husband has passed in his memory we are both hikers and mine climbers. And I just want to share in our experience like we did a few years ago I hope to see one someday with my husbands spirit with god bless . Pastor hartwell

  • cherie mercer

    Reply Reply December 28, 2013

    In the 80,s my husband and children lived on a remote wooded valley in a place called Ruby Washington. It was night and I was bathing my babies in our cast iron tube outside. Our long haired german shepard started pacing along with our other dog. They didn’t bark, I senced alert fear in them. Then I heard branches and ground cover being stepped on. I swooped up the babies and headed towards our log cabin structure with a quickness with the dogs with the same quickness at my heals. A hugh gut throat howling and screaming (much like a upset gorella I heard at the zoo when I was a child) this pacing of whatever large obviously making a statement bigfoot creature carried on for about twenty minutes. We were to stunned to move out of the dwelling until the morn. And that’s the truth- and it was not a bear. I or my dogs have never reactted in that manner, it was a natural reaction to the hugh unknown. REspect

  • philip j. graham

    Reply Reply December 27, 2013

    hi, leslie, yes, i as a kid back in the 1970′s would her similar sounds coming from a creek near my house trailer in central florida(New Smyrna Beach)which is still there,the creek is located about 3 miles inland from the coast and i was told by my family that the sounds where made by a florida version of the panther that would roam the woods there at night. also if women were having their “time of the month”, were warned not to venture out at night for fear of these creatures attacking for the smell of blood. so maybe this wasn’t a panther but maybe the vocalizations of the sasquatches’ southern cousin,called skunk ape. there are stories that abound about them by the old timers and seminole indians who would see them and give them their respect.

  • Doug crump

    Reply Reply December 19, 2013

    I’ve experience by complete accident sounds like these starting with tree knocks then a vocalization that froze me in complete terror. I at the time was living in the foothills of western North Carolina’s Appalachian mountains. I lived with my uncle in my grandparents house who are both passed. there is a big pasture surrounded by creeks and woods. I decided to go for a walk alone down to a section of a larger creek that has small waterfalls and such that I had not been to but hears about from my older sister. it was noonish and this time of day in this rural area of n.c. there really isn’t anyone out and about and I wanted to have some quiet medlars tie time in the woods alone. as I walked across the open cow pasture I started hearing a loud knocking sound comming from the direction I was walking towards. I just assumed it was one of the neighbors who’s land this was working with a hammer. I I grew closer to the wooded area where the creek is the knocking grew louder and non -hammer like. I kept looking for a person working and was prepared to say hello and let them know who I was and why I was on they’re land. my grandparents and great grandparents have owned land next to these folks for a long time so I figured it was cool for me to be out there. I never encounterd anyone. next I think as now I’m walking a path next to the creek that, well there’s woodpecker around here I guess that what it is. but, still this knocking is very loud and abrasive. I turn towards the knocking and walk towards it to see if I could spot a woodpecker and simultaneously fifty feet in front of me I hear a horrifying monster like noise that stops me in my tracks! I am scared stiff and adrinalin slows time. I back up slowly and walk back away from the sound which I can only describe closely to a Tasmanian devil. as I decide to run away after calling my brother who coaxes me to go back. I hear knocks from way up the creek, farther away and very loud from where I was running now back home. there’s more to this story if anyone is interested.

  • itamar serjan

    Reply Reply December 17, 2013

    I am in law enforcement and live 25 miles south of the great smokey mountain national park. I have had a experience with my son that I truly believe I will never forget for the rest of my life! As I truly believe the same for my 14yr son. It’s simple, we called and they called back!

  • Joe Molecular

    Reply Reply December 6, 2013

    I agree with you Mr. Viera. I watch and read some of the stories of people camping out in areas of high sightings and luring them in with food, sounds, etc. Some of the videos / stories are from people holding Master Degrees in all kinds of fields and they are out there wanting to leave a few apples and crackers in hopes of a hand shake by one of them – actions like that show me a lack of common sense. These animals are HUGE. I have seen tracks so big it made my boot look small against it. Well a big animal needs a LOT of food to maintain that massive structure that allows them to travel fast, feed their young, and stay warm. They are not going to get the protein and fat needed from a few apples and crackers. When I read Paulides’ books it seemed obvious to me that a plump little kid from 2yrs old to 10yrs old was the perfect package to grab up and take off. I also think they feel the same about women. When they go missing it seems like they went on a short hike to defecate, pick berries, take pictures, etc. A 130lb young woman is easy to scent out, grab, break the neck to prevent screaming and/or struggle and throw over their shoulder and take off. They do seem to be a bit more cautious around a man. Hell, it may be a trait that is passed down to them in breeding. From what I read, they may come close to a man, but keep it’s distance. They are smart enough to avoid the game cameras. I believe they can hear the high frequencies of the electronics. I think there is a lot we do not understand and never will until one of the “Big Buck” males is dropped and secretly taken to a research facility, school, or anything but a government agency. Stay safe out there……

  • Mark

    Reply Reply December 5, 2013

    I think most people are crazy thinking that we can co-exits with such a thing as a Bigfoot. I don’t think they’re friendly even thought they appear to be at times. I think they are a connected to the Nephilim talked about in Gen. Ch.6 and they are from a demonic line. Just as I believe so are the so called spirits of long dearly departed, whom people claim to see also. My two cents say to be careful of what your playing around with, because if these things where friendly or wanting to interact with people they would have done so by now. There is a reason that the things that go bump in the night never come to the light, because they hate the light. And “as in the days of Noah so shall the coming of man be” … That’s in the bible, and it takes about what was in the days of Noah, … Nephilims, Giants huge beings…sound like anything you’ve heard of?

  • wayne kopperdahl

    Reply Reply December 5, 2013

    these are the first bigfoot sounds I have heard on the internet that I can say are real, I know a path they take which I love to camp along where the most amazing things happen, especially when his scent is in the air,the small local wild birds and animals must trust them completely. and mistake us for one of them everytime,because they come to say hi to us. at least for a few minutes. till they smell us. but amazing none the less. the bigfoot creatures talk to us from a distance, probably upset because we are in their path.

  • Jules in England

    Reply Reply October 12, 2013

    Hello, greetings from London, England. First,I must say nothing credible like the Sasquatch has been sighted in the British Isles as far as I know, but many of our old myths speak of a race of “giants” or very large bipeds that once inhabited this group of islands. Of course Scotland has the famous Lochness Monster, which some believe may be a Plesiosaur that somehow survived the extinction of the dinosaurs. I don’t find that notion hard to believe, as our birds, I believe, look exactly like small dinosaurs skeletally. Just because we haven’t slaughtered and subjugated and imprisoned the majestic and wonderful Sasquatch, it doesn’t follow that “it can’t exist”. Having only just come upon these stunning recordings I am enthralled by what they imply. I find myself thinking along the lines that they are a species of human with amazing vocal dexterity, and with enough intelligence to avoid like the plague the most distructive animal on the planet. US ! With their habitat most likely under threat worldwide, I only hope they can survive the massive and relentless onslaught of Homo Sapiens. We should feel privileged to share this world with such as them, and respect their obvious reticence. It’s not that I dislike my own species, but I worry that if the Sasquatch reaches out to us, it can only mean the decimation of his race. I am torn between wanting to know and fear of a holocaust inflicted by money grabbing poachers. In short, long may the majestic BigFoot elude us !!!!! Best Wishes, Jules

  • Tim

    Reply Reply August 23, 2013

    What part of Ky?, I agree with you. I have friends which live near Mammoth Cave National Park that claim to have seen things on or near their property that just didn’t make sense to them and when I suggest that it could be a migrating BF they look at me like I have 2 heads. It makes sense if you think about it, the park has thousands of acres that most are secluded and there could be a BF there

  • capned

    Reply Reply August 5, 2013

    Aug 1, 2013 Lac Evans, Quebec…My son and i were Pike fishing in Hunters bay of the lake and the two of us distictly heard two sets of two whistles.I asked the caretaker in the Cree camp if there were sasquatch sightings,He turned and said ADOOSCH that is what the local cree call them.

  • Jay Luce

    Reply Reply June 7, 2013

    I have had my own experiance some yrs back in the Ohio river basin, seeing it and hearing it over a weeks time made me a believer.Now I live out in colorado where we get sightenings up in the high countryalot.

  • Jeannie

    Reply Reply June 4, 2013

    I live in Kentucky and I have heard of the Sasquatches before. I don’t know with absolute certainty if they exist around my area however they might do so. I believe they do exist and have done so for an inordinate amount of time. People needn’t be so awful in regards to them and leave them be. If you do see any consider yourself fortunate but leave them alone unless they seem to want to interact with you. Why the powers that be don’t want to acknowledge the Bigfoot is anybody’s guess but that’s okay. I reckon maybe one day they will verify their existence after all.


    Reply Reply May 8, 2013


  • Leslie Hall

    Reply Reply April 16, 2013

    I grew up in a small home south of Blue Parkway in Jackson County Missouri in the early 1960’s. The neighborhood that we lived in was surrounded by deep woods. At night, nearly every night, for several years we would hear what sounded like a woman screaming from deep within the woods. It was a terrifying sound. We were told it was a black panther that lived in the caves deep within the woods. There were caves, but we were never allowed to go near them. One night my sister and I who shared a bedroom at the back of the house heard what sounded to me at the time as a deep moaning sound almost a grunt coming from our backyard. We then hear heavy footsteps climb our back porch steps. We of course terrified and being children we wouldn’t look out our bedroom window. Whatever it was lingered there for about 5 minutes. I’m guessing the time, it seemed like an eternity, and finally to our relief descended the stairs and disappeared into the darkness. About 8 years later we moved, years passed and the screaming woman and the late night visitor were forgotten until recently when I heard the sound of what appeared to be a woman screaming as well as the grunting sound I’d heard years before when listening to an audio of Big Foot sounds. The sound of screaming was identical to what I’d heard as a child as was the low grunting sound my sister and I heard. A cold chill went down my spine and now I wonder what it was I really heard all those years ago

  • Harry Tenney

    Reply Reply March 18, 2013

    It’s been 2 or 3 years since I talked to you and your daughter at the Bigfoot (Satsquatch) Symposium in Eugene OR. I have done much research (reading over 15 factual books) and found that BF can totally paralize a
    courious witness as what happened to U and UR daughter. Have U ever experienced “Mental Telepathy” with a BF evolving in speech and feelings in UR mind?

  • Liz Carreno

    Reply Reply February 24, 2013

    Please keep me updated on any bigfoot activity. We live in the NW corner of New Jersey–Hopatcong. Some have had sightings in our area near Maxim Drive near Bear Pond and Lake Hopatcong, NJ years ago. I have not seen anything but have heard howling way in the back of the woods off of Maxim Drive near Bear Pond in the 70′s. Trudy Odermatt had her house built up there–the only one around at that time and when she had her wrap around deck built years ago, she would not put stairs on it. When we asked her why she did not want stairs down to the forest floor, she waid she was ALWAYS afraid of something climbing up. She ALWAYS heard howling and moans from the woods that lead way onto the shores of Bear Pond! I don’t think current building codes would allow you to leave the stairs off but she did NOT put stairs on that deck. This was in the 70′s. Her house is right off of Maxim Drive…it is still there. She got a huge black dog, part Rottweiler, part Doberman that stood very tall…she was still afraid, so was the dog. Liz Carreno


    Reply Reply February 11, 2013

    I would like to say i have found a new found adult fascination for bigfoot in my older years since the show has come out. From watching alla ive seen i noticed that sometimes bigfoot is lean and younger and taller. He walks like a regular human being. Its really hard to put together the two sides of bigfoot when you see him walking like a regular person with a smooth casual stride in videos, then you hear these gut wrenching screams and the language they use when doing SAMURAI talk. When they have converstaion or make those growling grunt noises it stuns me to no end. They sound like an APE but THEY ARE NOT! they are PART HUMAN and PART APE. in my mind for sure.. its very hard to put the two together when you see the one walking in the new 1962 video from FINDING BIGFOOT. This is the strangest scariest feeling but its TRUE. People dont believe this but maybe its better becuase we need to preserve WHATEVER IT IS and whoever. Id love to know its origin and how did an ANIMAL AND MAN breed to get this creature made of ANIMAL AND MAN. thanks for all the recordings its unreal… now i know we have some right near where i live in WELLSVILLE, OHIO… probably route 39…. its just across the bridge from me and im in west virginia…. take care and we need laws to protect this creature…. i do feel they are agressive for sure. people need to be careful… they have agressive moments,feelings and decision making reasoning… if they can reason, they can get mad! being chased out of the woods would not be a good thing if i were hiking! everyone be careful if youre going looking! marla

  • Jerry

    Reply Reply February 8, 2013

    just to leave some information my brother 40 yrs ago went with friends and they all claimed they saw a figure 9 foot tall, red glowing eyes hes was very muscular, With hair all over,Now my brother could nomore tell a lie if his life depended on it.And all of his friends told the same story,They were each carrying flashlights so each one showed a diffrent area at first untill my brother pointed him out, iam 60 my brother is 62 now.Back then noone talked openly about bigfoot .

  • Brian

    Reply Reply February 1, 2013

    Eee Yikes. Try to Keep it together.

  • Dave

    Reply Reply January 22, 2013

    Many animals can imprint on human beings. They remember. I’ve had Barred Owls that I’ve called up that can see I’m not another owl and yet, the very next night will begin to call for me to come outside and speak with them. This was back before I found out that this was considered to be wildlife harassment and was unlawful, so I quit doing it for the owl’s sake.
    It’s understandable that a creature such as Sasquatch would be capable of communicating with a human being and able to recognize certain individuals so that it would know who is friendly and who’s not.

  • steven

    Reply Reply December 16, 2012

    i too have mimmicked a scream howl sound in mn here and have 4 other people that can vouch for me and were there next to me as i screamed back it was so loud it echoed and i did it for about a half hour or so as it got very close and a lil scary because i heard small branches break it was in the woods about 50 yrds or less then it just quit when it got close it was around 2-3 in the morning

  • Mary

    Reply Reply December 1, 2012

    Can a person have a relationship with bigfoot? I feel they are like any wild animal in the forest. You have to take your time to know them. People have stupidly shot at them and they know humans can do harm so they have no trust in us. They then do all they can to protect themselves from us.

    What kind of food do they eat? How do they kill the animals they eat? They seem to be compassionate at times. I have read too that they come running after people and scratch them. I don’t know if this is true.

    • Danielle

      Reply Reply December 12, 2012

      Given that “Bigfoot” is assumed to be a large bipedal primate, one only needs to look at examples of other primates to really answer the question: “Can a person have a relationship with Bigfoot?”.

      I would say: yes. It’s not only probable, but entirely possible. There is an entire family group in Africa that has adopted Jane Goodall as one of their own. She had to work at it, though, for months at a time. She was only a young college-educated woman in her 20′s at the time. Yet, it is because of her that we know so much about Chimpanzee’s. Why couldn’t someone do the same with “Bigfoot”? If you’re in the same area, they’ll know the sound of your voice, recognize your scent, and learn your patterns. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they can’t see you.

      As far as diet, one would think their diet is as varied as their environment. Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest likely eat a lot of fish, mollusks, berries, nuts, leafy greens, and probably human leftovers on occasion. In Pennsylvania, the diet will be completely different. Likely, rabbits, small birds, berries, mushrooms, and things of that nature. The fabled “Swamp Ape” of the American Southeast could probably dine on a delicacy of alligator once in a while. They’re probably strong enough to do kill one if they can catch it out of the water. Generally, though, I would assume the running consensus is that a large bipedal ape would certainly have to be omnivorous or likely wouldn’t survive very long in the variety of climates it is believed to live in.

      As a primate, they’re our cousins and really not that much different from us in too many ways.

      • Danielle

        Reply Reply December 12, 2012

        Fixes to the above post:

        “There is an entire family group of Chimpanzees in Africa that has adopted Jane Goodall as one of their own.” (They’ve also known her for 3 documented generations, which lends credibility to the idea that chimpanzees have some form of “word-of-mouth” knowledge inheritance from their elders. It’s only a hypothesis, though.)

        “They’re probably strong enough to kill one if they can catch it out of the water.”

        “Generally, though, I would assume the running consensus is that a large bipedal ape would almost certainly have to be omnivorous or likely wouldn’t survive very long in the variety of climates it is believed to live in.”

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