Bigfoot Recordings Volume 2
Excerpts from CD Script
Copyright © 2003 Ronald J. Morehead
Narrated by: Ron Morehead
Written by: Ron Morehead with Alan Berry

There are 10 tracks on the CD.

After hearing the story on the CD, the listener can go directly to the sound track containing creature sounds and/or creature interaction with man. The story ends at the Epilogue, Track 4, and Track 5 is a unique 911 call from a man residing in Washington state. Although it’s unrelated to the Sierra story it provides the listener with an interesting eyewitness account.

Ron Morehead interviewed this man who claimed to have witnessed his German Shepard being hurled through the air, landing 35-40 feet away–killing the dog. Three weeks later he made another 911 and during that call he witnessed a creature. His concern was that if he said “Bigfoot” the Sheriff would discredit him and not dispatch anyone.

The Bigfoot Recordings

Volume 2

  1. Bigfoot Interaction I (13:29)
  2. Bigfoot Interaction II (4:35)
  3. Bigfoot Interaction III (9:21)
  4. Epilogue (4:32)
  5. Rapid-fire Sequence (1:16)
  6. Rhythmic Sequence (:25)
  7. Whistle Interaction (:36)
  8. Anguish Sequence (1:12)
  9. Vocal Interaction (4:06)
  10. 911 Call (1:47)

Excerpts from Part I

Vocal exchanges with creatures:(Corresponding CD Sound Sequence) Excerpt sound sample

My name is Ron Morehead. I live in Mariposa a small foothill town near Yosemite National Park, in California, and I own businesses there. Whether or not you believe it, you are listening to true recordings of bigfoot creatures in their natural environment. We know these are naturally occurring primate voices. We have the evidence that establishes that much. Although we had these recordings studied in the late 70s, we've always welcomed any expert that's willing to "give it a go" using the newer technology that's available. We've tried to solicit more scientific involvement but so far nobody has been willing to step up to the plate It's safe that way, I guess. Anyway, I'd like to share these unique recordings with you. You're going to hear just how close these creatures can come to imitating our voices and our language.

A close friend and I were deer hunting that fall and had just arrived in camp on our horses when the excitement began. We had heard these creatures before, and had seen their footprints around camp. But this time we had found a footprint on the trail hours before getting there so we were pretty sure they were around.

What was so neat about it was we hadn't heard anything from them since the fall of 1972two years before. The way they had carried on then, the sounds were more ape-like and quarrelsome, or bickering to listen to, like this:

Quarrelsome exchange between two after food set out 21 October 1972:(Corresponding CD Sound Sequence)  Excerpt sound sample

They sounded like they were full of nervous tension and emotionand sometimes it spilled out abruptly in incredibly rapid-fire bursts.

Rapid-fire Sequence (Corresponding CD Sound Sequence)

This is real stuff from real encounters with real flesh and blood creatures that left huge five toed footprints around our hunting camp. It's eight miles, one way, up and down some pretty steep country just to get in or out of this place. The trips we've made and the problems we've had on this trail over the years could make a story by itself.

It can get really exciting wrangling the mules in and out of this area during thunderstorms, especially when a bolt of lighting blows up the tree in front of you On the switchbacks, I've had a couple of spills over the edge with my horse that's when my mule decided he didn't want to go any further. Then of course there are the rattle snakes you can run across on the trail they can really put an edge in your day. I said all that so you'd be aware of the effort it takes to get in and out of this remote area.

Angry, anguish sequence during the overhead flight of jet (Corresponding CD Sound Sequence)

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