What It Means To Be Human

What it means to be Human A Spiritual Perspective… This earth is changing fast, being systematically altered, and will soon be inundated with issues that could deceive many, even the elect—biblically speaking.  Our culture is being prepped by the media to accept UFO’s, aliens, and advanced technology as commonplace…this is exactly what we’ve been told…

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The Days of Noah – A Bigfoot Connection?

The Days of Noah A Bigfoot Connection? What was it like on earth prior to the great flood? Do the Bigfoot beings have any connection to pre-flood events? What percentage of ‘human’ would be required for Bigfoot to have what we have, and be what we were designed to be? Many Christians have different thoughts…

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The Nephilim Theory

Many know that I began my Bigfoot studies in 1971 after encountering these beings and recording their vocalizations.  My questions were, “Where do giants come from, how do these huge creatures do what they do, and why are they so elusive?  So, I read many books relating to the subject.  This Nephilim theory has its…

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How Could This Alleged Bigfoot DNA Affect Bigfoot Research?

Alleged Bigfoot DNA

Alleged Bigfoot DNA?? For five years a team of American scientists led by Dr. Melba Ketchum has analyzed 109 samples of alleged Bigfoot DNA (Bigfoot is also common name for Sasquatch).  Dr. Ketchum’s finding has excited the Bigfoot community.  The mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) was shown to be the same as human. The nuclear DNA (nuDNA)…

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