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Bigfoot – Sasquatch – Yeti

Bigfoot – AKA: Mapinguary (Brazil), Yowie (Australia), Yeren (China), Rephaim or Nephilin (Biblical)

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All over the world, history records cultures that have a name for these creatures who stealthily roam their wilderness.  And, folks all over the world are still in a race, trying to be the first to figure out what they (bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti) are – many think they know.  Almost all the states in the USA have reported sightings of these huge enigmas, and positive evidence of their existence is mounting up fast.

Here at Sierra Sounds, we’re not trying to prove the existence of these creatures to anyone.  We know entities with big feet, and big voices, hence they are called Bigfoot,  inhabit the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California… we’ve experienced them.  Years ago, through a year-long study at the University of Wyoming, it was established that the vocalizations which we recorded were not manufactured by an alternative source, i.e., speakers, amplifiers, man.  More recently, it was established, through a Crypto-Linguistic study, that the sounds we recorded have a complex language structure.  And, anything with a language ‘must’ exist.

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But, questions are continual; are there more than one species of these entities called bigfoot?  Where did they come from? What are they doing here?  These are answers we all seek.

This site is dedicated to keeping an open mind regarding these questions, and at the same time, hopefully, arms the reader with helpful information.

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